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The political crisis that is currently raging in Maharashtra has come to an examination of the floor. Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari is begging Secretary of State Assembly secretary to convene an extra session of the state Assembly on June 30 in order to begin the process of a trust election against incumbent CM Uddhav Thackeray. What exactly is an open floor test? And what is it that has the Shiv Sena, who are opposed to it is trying to explain?

The floor test: What does it mean?

Floor tests are used to find out whether the executive has the trust of the legislature. While the constitution doesn’t require a particular party to have an absolute majority to form the government, the members of the executive should be confident of the confidence of the legislative body that is the majority of the population.

If the majority is challenged, members of the House must prove that the majority is actually in place through the decision to trust. If the leader fails to demonstrate the majority, the leader has to remove himself from office and may lead to removed from the House. Trust votes or floor tests can be taken both at the Central and the at the state-level.

It is the Maharashtra scenario

It has been said that Maharashtra Legislative Assembly has a total of 285 seats at present (reduced from 288 seats following being arrested by two MPs, as well as the deaths of two other) The threshold for majority of 143.

MVA coalition has 150 seats, while the BJP that holds 106 seats in the Assembly. But amid the turmoil that is sweeping Maharashtra as well as the State of Maharashtra over 40 Shiv Sena MLAs have expressed their displeasure with the reduction of MVA numbers to levels lower that is less than the threshold for the majority. If the MLAs that are angry are against the formation of an MVA section in the Assembly when the test is on the floor and floor, then the Maharashtra government is likely to be dismissed.

It is possible to delay the floor test?

The Supreme Court on Monday gave the date of July 12 as the deadline for people who have been in rebellion Sena leaders to respond to the notice of disqualification sent from the Maharashtra deputy speaker on the 25th of June.

In using this as a motive behind the decision, Shiv Sena leaders and members of the party have said that it’s illegal for an open test to be conducted when the decision to ban the rebel leaders is still in the process. However, earlier rulings of the Supreme Court had ruled that the floor test is not need to be postponed even though the decision to disqualify members is being made.

As for the the 2020 Shivraj Singh Chouhan/Speaker case , the court clarified the matter. The Supreme Court let rebels not take the test on the floor in the political turmoil of Karnataka in the year 2019. They have since requested Sena leaders to petition for the Supreme Court to delay the test on the floor. The test is scheduled for 5pm on Wednesday.

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