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What Is A Strangle In Options?

Strangle is a good strategy if you don’t know what direction the price will go. You could make money if it goes up or down. Means That When an investor can buy a call and a put option. The options have different strike prices but the same expiration date and underlying asset. If the investor thinks the price will go up or down, they can buy this strategy. It is profitable if the price swings sharply in either direction.

A strangle is the same as a straddle but it uses options at different prices. A straddle uses options at the same price. The main advantage of a strangle is that it gives the investor the ability to make money whether the market moves up or down.

If you think an underlying will move higher, you can buy a call and put with different strike prices. This strategy makes maximum profit if the underlying price goes beyond both strike prices.

How Does a Strangle Work?

Strangles come in two types:-

Long Strangle – The investor buys a call option with a higher price and a put option with a lower price. The chance for profit is high because if the asset goes up in price, the call option has unlimited upside. But if it goes down in price, then the put option will have an upside too. There is only one risk: the cost of buying two options.

Short Strangle – An investor who is doing a short strangle writes two options and sells them. This strategy makes the person neutral and they do not make a lot of money. But if the price of the stock stays in a range, then they will have made some money from their options. The most they can make is as much as their cost for writing those two options.

Strangle VS Straddle

Strangles and straddles are options. The difference is that with strangles, you buy the in-the-money call and put options at the same time. You can do this strategy when you think there will be a big move to the upside or downside.

A short straddle is the same as a short strangle, but it has less profit and that is equal to the premium collected by writing one at and out-of-the-money call and put option.

An investor who buys a straddle is making money from the price of security going up or down just by a little. Buying a strangle is more expensive than buying a straddle, but it only works if the price of the security moves by a lot.

What Is A Strangle Option Example?

To use this strategy, you buy 2 options. They are both the same type of option. One is an option to buy and the other is an option to sell. You do not need to spend $300 or $285 for 100 shares every time you want to use this strategy because it only costs $3 or $2.85 for 100 shares

The price of the stock can change. If it stays between $48 and $52 for the life of the option, the loss to the trader is $585. That means that you will need to pay a total of two contracts because they are each worth $300.

If the price of Starbucks shares get to $38, the call option will expire and you will lose $300. The put option has gained value and is worth $1,000. You can make a profit of $715 ($1,000 less your initial investment) by selling the put option.

If the price of a stock is $57, then the put option, which is what you buy if you think that the price will go down, becomes worthless and loses all of its money.

The call option, which means buying a stock to make more money if it goes up in price, makes $200. When we take away the cost of the two options ($285), we have lost $85 because we did not make enough money from this trade.

Starbucks went up $12, so it would have been $62 per share. If Starbucks had gone up $12, instead of $6, the total gain would have been more than double that.

When Should You Buy A Strangle?

Straddles and strangles are useful. Straddles protect you from going down in the market. Strangles protect you if the market goes up or down.

Which Option Strategy Is Most Profitable?

You can make a lot of money by selling out-of-the-money put and call options. This trading strategy means that you will collect a lot of option premium while also reducing your risk. You can make ~40% annual returns if you do this strategy.

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